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Final Breath

Psychological Thriller

In a remote seaside community, a teen girl is accused of killing her sister. No body is found, her memory is blank, she's covered in blood and even she doesn't know if she's the murderer. 

On a stormy winter's day in a desolate seaside village, 18 year old Jessica Ridley leads sister Abbey to a deserted beach to celebrate her 15th birthday. An hour later, she wakes up with bloody injuries to her head and deep scratches to her arms and legs. Her memory is blank and there's no trace of Abbey.  As she stares at the blood on her hands, Jess has a chilling feeling she may have murdered her sister. The police are baffled; there are no witnesses, no forensics and no body, but Jess's criminal record means she is the prime suspect. Believing Abbey is still alive and in a race against time to find her, Jess flees arrest and discovers a dark secret in her own remote community, when she's abducted. Yet all the time she has an uneasy feeling that her dark resurfacing memories hold the truth of Abbey's disappearance and her own guilt.

Steve M Kelly is attached to direct

Carol Harding at Vicarious Productions is producing