When Darkness Calls is the first in the series of thrillers starring criminal psychologist Holly Wakefield. The second novel is called When Angels Sleep which will be followed by When Death Takes Her Hand

When Darkness Calls



Holly Wakefield works for the NHS as a criminal psychologist specialising in serial killers. She has particular reason to be good at her job - but she keeps that to herself. When DI Bishop from the Met Police approaches Holly to investigate a recent killing, Holly is horrified by the dismembered bodies and the way they have been theatrically positioned. More shocking still is when the pathologist reveals this is not the first time she has seen these mutilations. It means a serial killer is out there, and they're going to kill again - soon.

Holly is used to chasing serial killers. But this killer has something in common with Holly that she's kept hidden for as long as she can remember. And for the first time since she was a child, Holly is forced to face the darkness of her past...

When Angels Sleep


When the body of a young boy is found in Epping Forest, his head on a pillow, an angel pendant in his left hand, it's clear this is more than your average murder. It's also clear that, with all eyes on DI Bishop to catch the killer, he needs criminal psychologist Holly Wakefield back on his team.

Holly can't get enough of killers - they're in her blood; are part of her DNA - so Bishop knows she won't be able to resist joining the investigation. But with the body count rising, it's going to take all Holly's strength to dive into the twisted mind of someone who preys on young boys. And all of DI Bishop's resolve to stop the serial killer before any more angels are put to sleep.

When Silence Kills

When the mutilated body of a woman is discovered in her home, DCI Bishop from the Met murder squad is called in to oversee the case. The horrific killing bears a striking resemblance to three other murders years before, but the cases were never solved. Bishop knows they need the help of Holly Wakefield, a criminal psychologist who has a talent for getting inside the minds of psychopaths. The grisly murders occur every three years, but it is the child-like stick-man drawing left at each crime scene that has the police baffled. A post-mortem also detects a cocktail of drugs that can leave a victim screaming in silence. No one would have heard their cries for help.

Holly has her own demons to fight, but that doesn't stop her mission to find this rare breed of serial killer.

She suspects Bishop is missing a vital clue that links the victims. But can she discover the link before the killer comes knocking on her door . . . ?​

When Death Takes Her Hand
When Evil Wakes

Half-way through . . . hold tight


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