Mark Griffin began his writing career with three successive years of gold medals awards in the Hampshire Writing Festival before he moved to Los Angeles in 1996. There, he turned his attention to script writing and development. He wrote music video treatments for director Steve Carr for artists such as Lil Zane, Ice Cube and Korn. Then began an apprenticeship as a reader at CAA in Los Angeles in 2001 where he read hundreds of scripts and novels for Warner Brothers, 20th Fox and Universal Studios, some of which he helped develop and eventually set up at the various major studios around town.


After moving back to England, he teamed up award winning director Steve Kelly and co-wrote the screenplay Final Breath which is currently in pre-production with Carol Harding to produce. In April 2017, Mark was short-listed in the top five out of three and a half thousand entrants in a national crime thriller writing competition sponsored by Random House Publishing and Daily Mail for his debut, When Darkness Calls, the first book in a series starring criminal psychologist Holly Wakefield and DI Bishop of the Met Police.


Little Brown Books in the UK acquired world English rights in two books from Mark, his debut and its sequel When Angels Sleep, through Luigi Bonomi at LBA Books. German rights were pre-empted by HarperCollins Germany via Nicki Kennedy at ILA which is handling all translation rights. Emily Hayward-Whitlock of The Artists Partnership is handling film and tv rights.


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